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The Cross

"A study of history shows that the cross symbol predates Christianity. According to author Ralph Woodrow, "Centuries before the Christian era, the cross was honored as a religious symbol by the people of Babylon. It is seen on their oldest monuments. Historians say that it was a symbol associated with Tammuz" (Babylonian Mystery Religion, p. 51). From Babylon, the cross spread to other nations and was associated with paganism long before Jesus' crucifixion in A.D. 31."

A house I once got married in is now this vacant lot...just as vacant as that marriage is now.

This red brick mansion i lived in was repossessed from me after's now worth over $100,000, and it's not for sale anymore.

sold,and none too soon...some things, like some people, aren't worth keeping...good riddance

Now You See It...

Now You Don't...Only a few hours, and the funeral home was demolished...r.i.p. Dollar General coming soon...

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