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Women vs Music 

© 2022 David R Moenich 

Should a man like women more than he likes music? Before committing to an answer, consider a few pertinent facts. Music lacks the ability to truly ruin your day, or to break your heart. However, women are quite adept at doing such, and more. 

When a woman does things to make a man feel badly about himself, it’s usually herself she doesn’t like therefore she takes it out on a man to keep her self esteem at a proper level. There’s a certain, sinister logic in that. 

When music makes a man feel poorly, it’s because music is showing him a true fault he’s guilty of...that being neglecting due diligence within learning and applying musical logic...true logic, based on age old principles. 

Both women and music can entertain men…both can be pleasant distractions. Which of the two will never nag you or falsely blame or accuse you? 

Which one is quiet when you turn it off or stop playing it? 

Music can’t have children...but it can give birth to songs. 

A man can master an instrument...but a woman’s heart and mind remain vaguely understandable... elusive, at best...a mysterious puzzle with one piece missing. 

So what’s it gonna be? Women...or Music? My choice is...BOTH. 


16 May 2022 

Having been through 11 ½ reams of printing paper, and having just purchased a ream of high-quality, 24lb., 100 brightness seems I’m getting more than serious about this songwriting endeavor. 

The business of proper presentation, and of qualifying the individual songs for recording and releasing is underway as of today. 

Lyric sheets, where applicable, and chord designations comprised within these compositions require scrutiny and repair wherever needed. 

Sixteen songs, plus a few, are up for inclusion on the first release. I’d prefer to place all of them on one CD but I doubt they’ll all make the final depends on how the songs come out on paper, and how some of them turn out, if and when recorded. 

Hopefully, the re-writing, if needed, and the corresponding paperwork will be completed by mid-June...then, it should be time for recording, remixing, and dubbing. Then...copyright registration needs to be validated. Also, I received my 4th CD Baby submission code (only 1 used so far) from Bandzoogle today, making it quite a bit less expensive to submit this work to CD Baby for distribution. 

And I can’t stress this enough...there’s no “counting of chickens before they’re hatched” going on here. As I’ve said before...I’ll complete this project God-willing...or I won’t complete it at all. 


Tentatively Tentative

9 May 2022

Tentatively speaking, the 1st NEW DrmJ release might possibly contain 5 songs (an Ep {Extended Play})...or between 10-12 songs (an Album).

That's "God willing, and the creek don't rise."



Time To Start Recording? 


During the past 7 years, I’ve written about 40 songs I believe are worth recording and releasing. 

It’s taken that much time to acquire the instruments and recording equipment necessary for this 

endeavor so the years past haven’t been wasted in that regard. 

There’s still some loose ends to tie up, before recording of those loose ends being I’m not yet completely knowledgeable using the state-of-the-art, analog and digital recording equipment I hope to use. 

And as I stated, “analog and digital” should be used...but not a computer-generated DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). 

Multi-track recorders should be used for the entirety of the necessary recording, whether recording within analog technology or digital technology. Analog uses electric pulses varying in amplitude; Digital translates information into a binary format. 

There is a difference in sound produced by these 2 technologies, and the preference of those sounds are a matter of personal taste. I’m partial to analog, in most situations, as it seems a bit warmer, and more cheerful than digital. 

That aside...9 guitars, 1 bass guitar, 2 keyboards, 3 multi-track recorders, 6 guitar effects pedals, a drum & loop box, and a guitar amp modeler & DI Driver might all play their parts in this production attempt. 

The next question might many songs, and when? 

Hopefully, recording will begin by late May or early June 2022. It’s impossible to know for certain how long it will take to complete the recording, copyrighting, and releasing of this work. 

A tentative release date might be as early as 12 July 2022...or completion might not be until late Fall of just depends on how difficult or easy the process moves along. Perhaps, this endeavor will never come to fruition. 

The number of songs on the first release should be in an EP format of 5 songs, or an album of 7-12 songs, with subsequent releases after the first one. 

And remember this, always… 

“Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.” Proverbs 27:1 

Words of wisdom. 



(a personal disclaimer by David R Moenich (DrmJ) 

© 2022 David R Moenich (DrmJ) 

Independent music artists have valid reasons for refusing involvement in the “music industry” proper. 

My conscience would be more at ease, knowing my songwriting material remained dormant, unheard...lost within the masses of “unsuccessful” artists’ works of previous generations, than for me or my song catalogue to be an obligated participant within today’s misguided “music business”. 

No, I don’t want to sign a deal with a Record Company...not a major label, a minor label, or any label...even if that record company were an independent record company. Too much power is given the record company, over one’s life, and creativity, not to mention the liabilities imposed upon a person’s financial responsibilities. 

No, I don’t want a Music Publisher to shop my songs around. Besides, I am a music’s easy to become one...just fill out the necessary paperwork, go through the process, and pay the mandatory registration fee. 

No, I don’t want a Music Artist, whether a “Chart-Topper” or an “up-and-coming” artist with good prospects of success performing my songwriting material via contract. And I don’t like the idea of someone other than myself re-arranging my compositions. Anyway, there are so few music artists these days whose work I even remotely admire...nor do I appreciate their personalities or their attitudes. 

No, I don’t want a Music Manager…someone whose true interest is likely that of their own well-being, rather than working on my possible success. 

No, I don’t want a Record Producer. I am one...anyone who records music using the internet, or other conventional means of recording, is a music producer. Whether your production capabilities and skills are great, or lacking, and whether your equipment is state of the art or is somewhat archaic, or no good at all, is a moot point. A record producer is a record producer. 

I don’t want a Music Promoter, most of which seem to be scam-oriented, semi-professional, “business” leeches, interested only in making money for themselves. Self-Promotion...Social Media, etc. is a skill most people can learn on their own. 

Independence, in music, is good. But...“No man is an island.” 

Certain business aspects of a music artist’s agenda will probably require the help of others...that’s nothing to be alarmed about. 

1) Becoming a member of a Performing Rights Organization, i.e., ASCAP, BMI, SESAC is a must...unless you don’t care about getting paid for your artistic works. 

2) A Record (and/or CD, Cassette, etc.) Dubbing (Copying) and Distribution Service would likely take the strain off the artist for fulfilling orders of record sales. 

A note on my intentions, and life in general… 

It’s not often a true genius musical talent that makes their predecessors seem somewhat lacking within their attempts at composing music worth listening to. And I’m not saying I’m one of those talents of such a caliber. But it amazes me at the triteness of songs and personalities comprising and dominating the music industry these days...not to mention the sordid, immoral, and disgusting topics and agendas displayed by these proclaimed “music artists” of worth. 

At any rate, the music I’ve been writing for the past several years is quite different than that which I’d previously written many years ago. Maybe, it’s maturity...maybe it’s musical maturity...maybe, it’s both. The music/songs I’ve been writing these days could probably be classified as Baroque Pop and/or Baroque Rock. It’s a welcome change within my songwriting style. 

All I can surmise is God gave me the talents I have. I’m thankful to Him for that. Whether it’s His will my songwriting material, and my performance of same, become extremely popular or simply never go anywhere from here, I don’t know. Anyway, I’d be grateful if my songwriting material would glorify God in some way, if just for the mere fact that it was Him who blessed me with this musical talent.