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New DrmJ Releases ? !


16 August 2021


Around 2017, I started writing songs for the eventual, hopeful recording and release of new songwriting material.

To date, I’ve written about 40 songs for this project. I believe these songs have pretty much reached their full potential, as they seem worthy of recording and releasing. 

I’m still working on several of these compositions...but that doesn’t mean recording can’t proceed by early to mid- November 2021. The proper instruments and equipment for this task have basically been acquired. 4 ½ years, about 40 songs have been prepared...written, rewritten, rewritten, rewritten, etc. 

That’s about 1 full-length album per year, for 4 years...not much more can be expected of a music artist. 

I’ve been contemplating recording 2 or 3 EP releases (3-4 songs, each), before subsequently releasing record albums (CDs, and possibly, vinyl LPs). 

When my website provider (HostBaby) turned their music accounts over to Bandzoogle (my new website provider), Bandzoogle (also affiliated with CD Baby, as HostBaby was) granted me 5 Standard CD Baby Submission Coupons for FREE each year I remain a Bandzoogle member (for uploading musical works to CD Baby, who collects royalties for me). This comes at a very opportune time, and it's very cost effective. 

This situation with the coupon codes also gives me the option of releasing 4 unreleased albums of mine which are lying dormant. Each one of these albums is comprised of 12 songs (28 of those songs never before being released in a major way), and have been published by my publishing company, Acoustic Notes & Communications (AN&C). 

All of the songs on those 4 albums are Copyright Registered, and they are available for sale...but they haven't been promoted through CD Baby yet. But just because I can't release all of these songs on CD Baby at this time doesn't mean they can't be uploaded to my YouTube Channel. My YouTube channel name is: David R Moenich, should you care to check it out. 

Recently, I received my first Coupon Code from Bandzoogle for a CD Baby release of my choice of media EP, a Single, or an Album. My preference, at this time, is leaning toward a 4-song EP, or a 7-song "Mini-Album" (I just "coined", and claimed, that term).

This might seem absurd to certain individuals...but this songwriting project I'm pursuing is the first in 24 years, for me. That's quite a hiatus. Hopefully, and God-willing, if this project comes to should be quite noticeable that my attempts at the art of songwriting have substantially improved over the years.

So all the above being said...”Many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.” An aspiration of mine is the completion of this project...but the most important thing for me to remember is...if this, or anything else, is not within God’s’s not worth doing.