5 February 2021 

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Tentative Song Releases


I began seriously writing new songwriting material during 2015. To date (Feb. 2021), I’ve completed 30 new songs for this set. 

Out of those 30 songs, 26 of them are brand new compositions...I’ve re-written the remaining 4 songs from previously completed material….hopefully, the re-writes have much improved those songs. 

I’m still working on 11 songs to be added to this set...I can’t predict when, or if, they’ll be finished, time will tell. Tentatively, though, this new set of tunes should be comprised of 35-40 original songs, after the itinerary is established. If I release 37 new songs within this set, I'll have written, performed, recorded, produced, copyright registered, and released 230 songs within my music career at that point.

The last song I wrote and released, I released in 1993...28 years ago. That’s a long time for a hiatus. It’s not like I wasn’t playing guitar...I just wasn’t writing songs. The time off seems to have done me good...these new songs, in my opinion, are superior to my earlier works. 

Tentative is the word, when trying to establish a release date for my new songwriting material. One year isn’t an unreasonable amount of time to complete a music album, and that’s with other people doing varied tasks within the project. 

The project tasks I’m responsible for include writing the songs, playing all instruments required, singing all vocals needed, performing all necessary recording, producing, editing, dubbing, copyrighting, publishing, promotion, and distribution. 

All told, this project has been ongoing, forward, for about 6 years, and the hopeful result will be the release of 3 or 4 full albums (CDs) of my original, written songs. I’d like to release all of the albums at the same time, but might consider 1 at a time...but hopefully all 3-4 albums will be released sometime within 2021. 

All tentative. All hopeful. All God-willing.