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IBANEZ AS7312 12-STRING Semi-Hollow Body Electric

Replaced...ACH1 & ACH2 Ibanez Pickups w/Gretsch Black Top Filter'Tron Pickups.

Replaced...All 4 Pots w/500k Bourns Audio Taper Pots. 

Replaced...All Caps w/CDE/Sprague "Orange Drop" Caps:

Bridge Tone - .022 Neck Tone - .015 

Bridge Volume - .010 Neck Volume - .010

Note: ***** 5 Stars for this instrument. At about 1/7 the price of a Rickenbacker 360 12-String Guitar...this guitar is way underpriced. Since the modifications were made to this Ibanez, its tonal quality and overall performance could give Rickenbacker a run for the money. 


A brand new Stratocaster Squire Affinity...needs a lot of, the color of this blue, metallic guitar body is very similar to the color used on the 1964 Pontiac GTO.

Stratocaster Squire Affinity...modified. This one is made in Indonesia, and its quality. Five of the guitars I use were made in Indonesia, and i'm pleased with that. Sounds, plays great.

reverb nation stats 22 April 2022

The Date of this CD Baby "release plan", for upcoming new songwriting material to be released by DrmJ, is innacurate.

3 Fender Acoustic Guitars: Redondo 6-string, CD-60SCE 6-String, CD-140SCE 12-string


2 March 2022..."What goes around", a DrmJ album originally released in 1993 was re-released at CD Baby today. Alternative Country...12 tracks.

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Left: SG VE Right: SG Special SG Model Added an additional set of control knobs (Volume & Tone) to both SGs

installed 2 more control knobs, so each pickup should have a volume knob and a tone knob of its own...all pots bournes 500k audio taper, probably.010 & .015 caps.

Drum & Loop by NUX

DI Box plus Various Amplifier Modeler (simulator) and Drive (not overdrive) by behringer...See video below, for why a DI Box is important in recording...


"Lizards"...a Book written by DrmJ

Genuine Maple Veneer applied to stock pickguard. Installed fender '64 classic pickups, 500k Bournes Audio Taper Pots, .022 CDE Sprague Orange drop cap on tone pot, and 4-way switch.

1964 winston drum, from sears. Looks like this set yellowed with age, as mine was white pearl, and i doubt they came in any other finish. my first drum set!!!...sounded like shit.

These CDE .047 Orange Drop capacitors could be used with these 1m potentiometers...however, .015 Orange Drop Capacitors and 500k pots will probably be used. they look the same.

New "Vintage" Cloth-Covered 22 Gauge Wire; Pickups Information...see below....

New pickups & humbucker rings installed...the pickups cost almost as much as the list price on this guitar when I bought it


Perhaps, pondering intonation?

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strings through -or- over saddle bridge...over creates a more shallow "break angle", resulting in more sustain, and increased bottom end...and creates a more slinky, loose feel.

Epiphone SG VE

Epiphone SG VE Broken Headstock (before & After)

Restoring Damaged Guitars might prove a worthwhile business endeavor

Wilkinsburg Mid-1960s

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If you want a guitar to perform at its can pay someone to do can do it yourself

-FOR SALE- Epiphone SG Special (Modified by DrmJ): Added 2 Humbuckers from an Ibanez 12-string AS7312, instaleed 1m Bourns Pots, installed .047 Caps, installed TUSQ Nut, new tuners, tremelo

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