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This site encompasses the works of David R Moenich, a.k.a. DrmJ, a.k.a. DRM Johnston, a.k.a. Shagnasty TM SM.


DrmJ (David R Moenich) is a songwriter (music and lyrics), Literary Writer, Music Journalist,, Humorist, Cartoonist, Poet, Photographer, Theologist, Herpetologist, Ichthyologist, Cryptozoologist, Artist, and Communicator.




All material presented here is the sole property of David R Moenich (DrmJ, DRM Johnston, and Shagnasty TM SM).




All instruments and vocals heard here are played and sung by David R Moenich (DrmJ), unless otherwise specified and designated.




Copyright 1981-2017 David R Moenich


All Rights Reserved












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