Cloudy Day


Solo artist heavily-influenced by 1964-1965 British Invasion music, and American Pop music

Published writer, published photographer, published poet, published cartoonist, published music journalist. Writer member and Publisher member (Acoustic Notes & Communications) ASCAP. Member of Songwriters Guild of America.

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A combination of classic mid-1960's styles from British Invasion to American Country music--difficult to categorize and uniquely DrmJ.

"This album grows on you. The more you listen, the more you like it." -- Four star review from International Country Music Association (Rhett Ashley)

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LEFT: 12-String Epiphone Special Model SG   RIGHT: 6-String Epiphone Special Model SG

LEFT: 12-String Epiphone Special Model SG RIGHT: 6-String Epiphone Special Model SG

"660/12 Rickenbacker" 12-String Solid Body"

"660/12 Rickenbacker" 12-String Solid Body"

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2 March 2022..."What goes around", a DrmJ album originally released in 1993 was re-released at CD Baby today. Alternative Country...12 tracks.

This feature article on Emmlou Harris was written by Drmj

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"Lizards"...a Book written by DrmJ

1964 winston drum, from sears. Looks like this set yellowed with age, as mine was white pearl, and i doubt they came in any other finish. my first drum set!!!...sounded like shit.

Epiphone SG VE Broken Headstock (before & After)

Wilkinsburg Mid-1960s

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