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Jan 29, 2013 · 2.5 million members, who have: Uploaded more than 15 million songs; Logged more than 5 million shows; Averaged over 1 billion views per month on YouTube

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Perhaps, pondering intonation?

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Martin D-X2E 12-String Acoustic/Electric Guitar

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strings through -or- over saddle bridge...over creates a more shallow "break angle", resulting in more sustain, and increased bottom end...and creates a more slinky, loose feel.

Overdrive & Compression fx

Epiphone SG VE

Epiphone SG VE Broken Headstock (before & After)

Restoring Damaged Guitars might prove a worthwhile business endeavor

Wilkinsburg Mid-1960s

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If you want a guitar to perform at its can pay someone to do can do it yourself

-FOR SALE- Epiphone SG Special (Modified by DrmJ): Added 2 Humbuckers from an Ibanez 12-string AS7312, instaleed 1m Bourns Pots, installed .047 Caps, installed TUSQ Nut, new tuners, tremelo

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